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Fat Chance

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Written & Performed by Rachel Stockdale
Directed by Jonluke McKie

I’m not saying I’m not beautiful. I’m saying I’m fat AND beautiful”

Meet Rachel – a 20-something actress from Boro whose funny, celebratory and politically powerful one-woman play explores her true-life experience of weight gain from size 8 to 18. From audition nerves and throwaway comments to literally breaking a leg this play is for:

  • Anyone who’s felt like they had to shrink themselves
  • Anyone who’s adapted to be more palatable to others
  • Anyone who’s ever put on or lost weight and been treated differently
  • Anyone who had free school dinners
    Anyone who feels they don’t fit.

This unconventional show looks at the pitfalls of trying to have it all.


60 minutes

Important Information:

Age Recommendation: 14+

Content Warning: Includes strong language, adult themes including “disordered eating (aka diet culture)” and brief references to being a survivor of abuse.

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