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Three children handling museum objects whilst wearing white gloves

School Workshops

Craven Museum’s Education Workshops offer unique opportunities to explore the museum collection through object handling and immersive activities. Covering a variety of themes and topics, each workshop supports key curriculum areas and can be adapted to suit the needs of your class.

Can’t come to us? We can come to you! All of our workshops will be available as outreach sessions, delivered at your school or venue.

Craven schools get their first booking with us completely free!

Usual prices from September 2024 are £95 for on-site workshops and £105 for outreach workshops. Mileage costs apply for outreach sessions at schools or other venues outside a 20-mile radius from Skipton Town Hall.

To book a workshop or enquire about our learning offer, contact us at



Old laundry equipment

Key Stage 1

Victorian Craven – Homes of the Past

Use museum objects to explore life in a Victorian household, comparing past and present, then get hands-on with some Victorian-style washing!

A collection of antique toys

Key Stage 1

Toys of the Past

Compare toys used by two real Victorian children from Skipton, then try out some historical toys and games for yourself!

Painting of a snow scene with people ice skating

Key Stage 1

Exploring Art

Use artwork from the museum collection to investigate colour and line, then spark your imagination by “stepping into a painting” and creating a story!


Key Stage 2

Stone Age to Iron Age

Explore how and why prehistoric tools changed over time and channel your inner-archaeologist to investigate some real artefacts!

Collection of Roman artefactss

Key Stage 2

Romans in Craven

Enact the story of the Romans and the Brigantes Tribe, then use museum objects to explore ancient life at Kirk Sink Roman Villa and develop your archaeology skills!

WW2 artefacts

Key Stage 2

The Home Front in Craven

Use museum objects and immersive experiences to explore what life was like for people in Craven during World War Two, from rationing and worker shortages to taking in evacuees!



Object Handling for Reception Classes

An opportunity for younger pupils to engage with museum artefacts! Museum staff will lead small groups of about 3 children in a handling and Q&A session, each lasting around 5 minutes, while the rest of class continues with normal lesson time or explores the museum.  Children will be encouraged to make contrasts and comparisons between modern and historical items using supporting images.

Existing sessions include Historical Toys and Historical Homes, but others may be doable – so please enquire!

Prices start at £27 per hour for on-site sessions and £37 per hour for outreach (increasing for bespoke sessions).

Bespoke session

Key Stage 1/2/3

Bespoke Sessions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If the topic is reflected in our museum collection, we can create a bespoke session at the museum to suit your curriculum. Past bespoke sessions have included trails, object handling and artefact investigations on the themes of “Clothing Through Time” and lead-mining! (Prices vary.)

Young girl wearing a blue gingham school uniform dress is wearing white gloves and handling a clay pot.

Classroom Resources

Learn about further resouces available to support your curriculum delivery in the classroom.

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